FAQ FAQ worldwild


What is your privacy policy?

The account information you provide is used strictly for the purposes of fulfilling your orders and nothing more. It will never be shared or sold. Period.

What payment methods do you accept?

Interac email money transfer (e-transfer) is the simplest way to pay and can be done through any Canadian bank. We also accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and Basic Attention Token. Unfortunately we are unable to provide assistance getting set up with cryptocurrencies, but there are many tutorials online.

Do you take PayPal?

Sorry. We can’t take PayPal.

When do you ship the orders?

Most orders are shipped within one business day. Orders placed before 2:00 PM, Pacific Time, are generally shipped the same day.

Shipping within BC typically takes 2 business days (both Expedited and XpressPost).

Western and Central Canada takes 3-5 business days Expedited, and 2-3 days XpressPost.

Ontario and Eastern Canada takes 4-8 business days Expedited and 2-3 days XpressPost.

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently only ship within Canada, however, we are planning on accepting international orders in the near future.

I live in Vancouver BC, can I pick up my order?

We can’t presently offer this unfortunately but it’s something we’re considering for the future.

Will I have to sign for my package?

As long as they have a safe place to leave the package, they shouldn’t require a signature on all normal orders.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, including Canada Post FlexDelivery addresses.

I’m not getting the automated emails you send. Why?

If you’re not getting the automated e-mails, check you spam folder. You may need to mark the email as “not-junk” and/or move it to your inbox for future emails to be correctly received.

What is your return policy? Do you guarantee your products?

We fully guarantee the accurate botanical identification of our products, however, due to their many potential uses and varying methods we are unable to guarantee results for any specific purpose.

If you’re unsatisfied simply contact us and we’ll try to make you happy.

Do you have wholesale prices?

As we continue to grow we hope to be able to accommodate customers of all sizes.

Feel free to contact us.

I'd prefer not to have packages sent to my house, do you have a retail location?

We don’t have any retail locations at the moment, but also understand not everyone can accept packages at home for a variety of reasons. As a solution we highly recommend getting a free Flex Delivery address from Canada Post (we use them ourselves). They act as virtual PO boxes and allow you to have mail sent to a post office of your choice.

I read about others getting a free sample, but I didn't. Why?

We sometimes include a small free sample of another product but this depends on availability, order size, and order type.

We also sometimes upgrade shipping to a faster speed at no extra cost, or provide a discount offer so if you didn’t get one, it was probably another. 🙂

I sent an e-transfer, why didn't I get a shipping notification?

We almost always ship the same or next day after payment has been received, so if you’ve paid and didn’t get an email with tracking info it’s most likely for 2 reasons:

1) The email is in your spam folder.

2) You’re using a community bank and the e-transfer email never made it to us. We have no idea why this happens, but the best solution is to check the pending transactions section of your online banking and to resend, or cancel the transfer and try again. Feel free to contact us as well for assistance.

I got a tracking #, but it says it's invalid

If your tracking number as listed as invalid it’s most likely because it hasn’t been scanned by Canada Post yet.

Please wait at least 1 full business day, and contact us if it still doesn’t show up.